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Jock Tales----Juvie

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Jock Tales----JuvieJock Tales---JuvieThe d**g running was going pretty well. The totally unforeseen side advantage was discovering Cole was a major hook up man in Austin. Worked out pretty cool?I would go down to Austin and meet up with Cole at a cheap motel. We would do our thing, becoming more and more passionate each time. Then the next morning I would pick up the bale and head back to Tyler. All I had to do was meet the dude there and hand it over. No dealing or selling of any kind. But, sooner or later, it was bound to happen. On one pick up in mid June, while at the meet up, the cops came busting in. Oh fuck. And I was out of town. Being the only one there not an adult, they took me to Juvie. I wasn't scared so much of jail, but more so of what might happen if somebody started some shit with me. And of course?that's exactly what happened.As soon as they put me in the holding cell, and slammed the door, the C/O went back to his office. Then the thugs already there, started right in on me. Already sitting on a bench trying to figure out what I was going to do, the first one spoke up, and that was his mistake. ?Damm homies?check out fresh meat here?be lookin fine?. ?Oh ya bro?we got to get to tearin that shit up right now?let him learn his place?. Mexican dudes, each lean and hard. Lots of ink, and two of them had their jumpsuites unzipped all the way down to their waist, exposing the tops of their bush. Pretty hot actually, I surmised I would fuck them all. I jumped from the bench, and turning to my left, went for the throat. I grabbed the dude with one hand, and squeezing with all my might, pulled back my right arm, full length, and slammed into the side of his head as hard as I could. The other two jumped up at once, but I just kept slamming the dude in the side of his head, busting his eye, cheekbone, and nose. I continued the pounding as now the other two were attempting to pull me off. I let go, and swinging around, laid into the second dude, delivering the same punishment. B l o o d was flying everywhere, and the more I saw, the more I wanted. Slinging the second one to the wall, I headed for the third, but he backed up, holding his arms in the air, saying he didn't want any of 'that'. They both waved me off in decline, but, as usual, that wasn't enough. You just didn't piss off Matthew Dillon, and get off with just an ass stompin. I popped the buttons on my 501's, and hauled out my junk. All three lit up as they viewed my enormous package. ?So?which one of you fags is sucking my dick?? They all started backing up against the wall, apologizing and all that shit, but I persisted with ?You got 5 seconds to decide?. With that, the two bigger b o y s shoved the smaller one over to the middle of the floor. Smiling at him, I say ?oh ya bois---he's pretty? with an evil grin. . I grab him also by the throat, and knocking him again in the side of his face, just say ?suck, bitch?. On his knees, the Mexican dude wasted no time in getting on my dick, putting an instant lip lock around the head, and going all the way down getting me boned up. ?Oh hell ya homie?ain't ur first dick, huh?? He didn't say anything, but just kept sucking, and doing an awesome job. I figured he must have been the block punk, cause he had excellent skills. After a few, he had me pretty rock hard, and the veins started popping up real full like. My mushroom head was already flared out, like a dog, and I was delivering a skull fucking with my swelled up 9? jock cock like Im sure he had never had. The other two had taken seats now, back on the bench, just watching in amazement, and as per jail protocol, minding their own business. Finally I pull out of his mouth, and with my right foot, kick him down to the floor.?Get ur ass over there, and get ur face in that bench?ass up?. A look of horror came across his face, and the other two started getting nervous as well. I pulled my arm back again, with my fist back behind my head, but home b o I jumped for the bench, and placed his head against the wall as told. I walk up to him, and grabbing him by the waist, ask him ?Still got ur cherry?? He nodded his head up and down in rapid motion, and I continued with ?it's June 15th homie?remember that date. This is the day you lost ur cherry?. I glare at the other two and barked at them to hold him. They each grab an arm, and one places his hand on the dudes upper back, while the other pushes down just above his butt. ?Don't let him move,or you will be next?. They did as told, and posistioning my cockhead rite at the dude's hole, I drop some spit, and slam it in. I was instantly turned on, as I watch my meat slide in and out of his hairy Mexican crack. He let's out a yell that I was sure was going to roust up the guards, but nobody showed. Guess they figured it was me, getting initiated. I wasted no time in continuing the assault on homeboi's ass, each time slamming him with all my might. It was afterall, jail, and you didn't do anything in jail half assed.The abuse only lasted about five minutes, then I yanked my jock meat from his guts, and reaching over, grabbing him by the hair, spun him around, and shoved my thick meat into his mouth. ?Eat it?, was all I had time to say, before the volley began. I blew about five shots down his throat, with so much f o r c e that I thought I was going to pass out. My abs contracted so hard, they looked like I had been working them for hours. I pulled out of dudes mouth, and grabbing my junk, jacked out 3 more shots of heavy jock jizz across his face. Finishing up, I grab my dick head with my left fist, and squeezing off the remnants of my jizz, sling it into the face of one of the dudes still sitting on the bench. ?Anybody else want some fresh meat?? I asked staring them down. The two just shook their heads no, not saying a word. Punk boi, still laying across the bench asked if he could get up. I responded with sure, he could get up, I was done with him. Looking the three of them in the eyes, I declared, ?I guess I'm the big dick on the block now?huh?? They each nodded their heads up and down, still not speaking. Looking at the little dude, I continued with, ?and you will be my bitch---any time---any place?. He responded with a slight 'yes sir', and I swear my dick jumped a foot on the words. Jail might not be so bad for a weekend or so. The next morning Cole shows up with bail money. He said since I was 'on the job', that the 'company' bailed me out. One of the 'bosses' convinced the judge that I was just an innocent bystander, just visiting one of the guys in the motel room, and had no knowledge of the dope. The judge found it in his heart to cut me loose, being the only white boi there, and from out of town. I almost shit my pants from relief. As I exited the cell, I turned back around to the three dudes. ?Keep him warm for me bois?I'll see yas later?.
04-15-2021, at 09:49 AM

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